DSC_0014   The Real Heartland blog – ‘Real Estate Investing/Crowdfunding Insights from the Heartland’ – is written by Scott Lichtman.  Scott is a mid-career investor with an analytics background from MIT, Harvard Business School and the London School of Economics. He has been involved in managing several consulting and software practices that provide expertise, data and social networking for financial professionals. Earlier employers included Deloitte Consulting and Oracle. He lives in Connecticut.

Scott has more recently become involved with real estate investing, including home refurbishment, multi-family rentals and small commercial properties. The goal of this blog is to share insights from his investments, experiences of in colleagues, and interviews with real estate experts in property development, finance and law. He has taken a particular interest in ‘crowdfunding’ web sites – where investors can collectively contribute small amounts to participate in a real estate investment  – as well as hedging real estate against downturns, and installing technology for ‘smarter’ properties.

I welcome your feedback, as well as connections via LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/scottlichtman/  or via the biggerpockets.com forums, where I comment as ‘slich’, http://www.biggerpockets.com/users/slich

p.s. Scott named this blog “Real Heartland” and his LLC ‘Heartland Real Estate’ because:

  1. It feels like a real estate investor or developer puts their heart into improving and managing each property;
  2. These days, every community in the US is part of one ‘heartland’ that desires to live harmoniously and thrive;
  3. The jazz guitarist, Pat Metheny, recorded an uplifting fusion tune called “Cross the Heartland”; or
  4. All of the above.

Note that I am not a lawyer, accountant, broker or other professional providing professional advice on this web site. Statements on the site may be subject to update or correction.

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