Welcome to the Heartland real estate investing blog

“Be humble, for you are made of earth. Be noble, for you are made of stars.” – A proverb

Welcome, visitors.  This is the kick-off of a blog dedicated to small-scale real estate investors, getting involved with one or a few homes, rentals or small commercial properties. I will share my findings from live deals, interviews with experts, and number-crunching research, and I look forward to your opinions and questions.

In addition to the terms and outcomes of various investment opportunities, there are several subjects that will have special coverage. First and foremost is “crowdfunding“: where a broad community of investors put in relatively small $ amount each and gain access to a wide range deals in which to partipcate. As of this writing, the start of 2014, there are nearly a dozen web sites taking off in this market, and it has the potential to democratize RE investing just as crowd-funding has made consumer loans, startups and the arts more accessible to invest in.

Another special topic I’ll cover is the most effective use of online data sources to identify property buyers and investors and evaluate risks. Additional topics include: the potential for hedging one’s real estate investments, for example to offset some of the potential declines in the property markets by holding other types of financial assets; as well as devices/technologies that will make properties more ‘green’ or ‘smarter.’

As the quote at the top of this post suggests, there are few financial/business pursuits like real estate, which combine the grounding of earth & construction; the complexities of legal terms and financial analysis; and the aspirations of improving the community as well as one’s own prosperity.  I look forward to sharing experiences.

– Scott

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